Our students learn to never give up on their dreams because things get difficult or don’t work out the way they thought they would. During weeks 2 & 3, students from Years 7 to 12 took part in various workshops run by In Real Life (IRL) Education and Values For Life (V4L).

The IRL workshop covered topics from emotional intelligence, innovation & creativity, career tips and people skills. The challenging tasks showed students that the key to success is to keep trying instead of ‘staying stuck’. The V4L workshop showed students how they influence others by making wise choices, developing their own unique leadership skills and how their actions impact their community. The interactive activities and discussions provided opportunities for our students to explore the skills required to make a great leader, including taking initiative, communication, problem-solving, being trustworthy and having goals.

We want all our students to develop better self-awareness so they are able to take an honest look at themselves and realise that they have the ability to be great leaders and move in any direction of their dreams.